More triangle needlepoint.


This needlepoint started as a quick doodle. I did a more exact drawing straight onto the needlepoint canvas and went from there.


It has a very mid-century aesthetic. I love the clean and simple lines.



Needlepointed Flying Geese


I love flying geese so much. So much, I thought I would make a small version in needlepoint. In the picture above the needlepoint is being blocked. I’ve never actually made flying geese in a quilt. I have one on my to-do list and cannot wait to get started after some Holiday projects are finished up.


I threw it in a black frame to showcase it as art, and being neutrals, it would truly work in any room. It would also be wonderful worked into another object. My mind is reeling with the possibilities!

Charley Harper Needlepoint.


This needlepoint came as a painted canvas from Purl Soho. It was pricey, considering all the work that needs to go into it but as a piece of art that can be passed down, I see it as worth every penny. My grandmother had a huge needlepoint of Arabian horses my aunt made. I would marvel and stare at the huge needlework on the wall. I wonder whatever happened to it when my grandmother moved and wish I could see if it has altered from my memory at all.


I don’t remember specifically, but this took me somewhere from 6-12 months to stitch. It waited for a frame for at least another year. I adore it’s simple palette and graphic shapes. I am so pleased with the character it gives the room.

Needlepoint Art.

Needlepoint art. That feels weird to say. You have to throw out all preconceived ideas of what that means or looks like. Like all crafts out there are bad examples of what needlepoint art is. Well, that’s not exactly fair. Let’s say it’s not my style and certainly doesn’t seem modern. I wanted something graphic  for my gallery wall. I love that fiber or textile can add a completely different texture that more traditional art can’t offer you. So I created a needlepoint sample to fill a void and add dimension to the art surrounding it.



Also on my wall is a gemsbok paper mache head from West elm. The shark jaw and antlers are from a thrift store.


A beautiful photography print of my dear friend and sister-in-law, Ashley Rodriguez.


The feathers are a watercolor also from Ashley Rodriguez (sheesh, save some for the rest of us, girl!), the yellow hydrangea painting is from this etsy seller, and the photography print of the flowers is from 20×200.