I am an artist and maker. I grew up in the Oregon countryside and didn’t have much else to do! I learned how to sew on a treadle (foot powered!) singer sewing machine and drawing paper dolls for hours each day with my siblings. I have fond memories of my mother spreading a quilt over the dining room table after dinner and handquilting with her and my grandmother on the long winter nights. Or cross stitching late into hot summer nights listening to the sounds crickets and bullfrogs as twilight unfolded.

I have done a little bit of everything and lived in almost every corner of the country. Eventually I found my way back to the Northwest in Bellingham, WA where I found a woman willing to train me in her seamstress shop. Cindy Meche was my sewing jedi master and where I learned most of my sewing skills, and other wonderful life lessons. After I got married Chris and I moved to LA as newlyweds. I found a job as a seamstress and production assistant at a couture consignment boutique. Working on classic vintage gowns by the great designers was an amazing experience. I have never experienced fashion as art as when my hands held a stunningly beautiful vintage 1950’s Dior gown completely sewn by hand with thousands upon thousands of stitches.

Since having (three!) kids we have since moved back to the Northwest in Seattle. I have been in a creative hibernation of sorts, as I am primarily raising my young children. Time flies quickly. In spare moments I feed my creative side by sewing, drawing and painting. I am passionate about creating beautiful heirloom works of art and craft- whether that is through paper and paintbrush or fabric and needles. My love for art, design, form and craft overlaps into every product I create.



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