Happenings via iPhone photos.

photo 1This quilt is the only sewing project I have right now. It’s all pieced and I’ve started the hand quilting, my favorite part. This a “baby blanket” for my youngest, who is (ehem) four. Oh well. I had to add some squares, to say the least. Whenever I pull it out to work on (which is rarely) he asks “Are you done yet? I want to snuggle it.” So sweet. And now all the others have put in their orders. Which I adore, and don’t need an excuse to make more, but love that my products are so cherished.

photo 2I read The War of Art and it kind of changed my life. It made me resolved to study art like I’ve always wanted to. A few weeks ago I even created a space dedicated to this pursuit. A few hours a week I have been studying watercolor. I also have been slowly (painstakingly slow) working through Nicolaides’ The Natural Way to Draw. I use the kids as models and when they see me sketching they will often pull out their drawing pads. It’s had a good effect on us that way.

photo 4Embroidery on embroidery. Underneath is this pillow I made. Speaking of “cherished products.” I threw this lavender satchel together with some leftover embroidery for my daughter’s birthday. She saw me making them a few years ago and wanted one for her dresser drawers. She opened it clearly confused and disappointed. She’s seven, so that’s understandable. I guess she didn’t remember. I’ll save it for her.


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