Charley Harper Needlepoint.


This needlepoint came as a painted canvas from Purl Soho. It was pricey, considering all the work that needs to go into it but as a piece of art that can be passed down, I see it as worth every penny. My grandmother had a huge needlepoint of Arabian horses my aunt made. I would marvel and stare at the huge needlework on the wall. I wonder whatever happened to it when my grandmother moved and wish I could see if it has altered from my memory at all.


I don’t remember specifically, but this took me somewhere from 6-12 months to stitch. It waited for a frame for at least another year. I adore it’s simple palette and graphic shapes. I am so pleased with the character it gives the room.


Embroidered Tea Towels


These sashiko inspired tea towels are one of the few things I made as gifts for the Christmas season. In order to balance time with my family and the busyness that Christmas brings, I limit myself to only making a few handmade items.  Even then, somehow I still ended up not finishing until after the New Year.


My stitches are not uniform or straight, but personally I love the charm of that look. Also, adding running stitches to store-bought linens would be great for a simple face lift. I need to find a gift system that allows for a couple of leftovers. I definitely want some of these for myself!