My drug of choice.

Hand-sewing.  Hands down.  Embroidery.  Needlepoint.  Quilting.  You name it.

It’s the most relaxing thing I can do for myself.  Pushing and pulling the needle through the fabric is repetitive and a “no-brainer.”  It’s also a multi-tasking hobby like it’s more popular crafting cousins.  I can be quiet, reflective and prayerful.  Or I can listen to downloads and feed my brain.  I can entertain my hands while connecting with a friend.  Or I can just zone out and watch worthless movies.

Hand-sewing is a combination of ancient craft that serves total functionality in a way that I completely geek-out over! It makes me look forward to the nursing home… I’ll have no need for excuses to sit in my chair all day and do nothing but sew!!


Light Gray

The honorary baby sweater for the wee man.